Dear business partners, colleagues, friends,

due to the spreading viral infection of COVID 19 in the Czech Republic, the company management in cooperation with the Regional Hygienic Service of Pardubice Region, ORLIMEX CZ s.r.o. decided to close the company’s office, warehouse and production in Osik with effect from 16.03.2020 to 25.03.2020. Only the incoming goods will be unloaded at the warehouse.

We will be ready to renew all planned deliveries of goods as soon as possible. We are aware of the inconvenience and problems this decision will cause and we apologize to all of our customers.

We are convinced that this procedure is the only correct and possible in the current situation. The decision of the company last week when the “home office” regime was introduced is the right way to prevent further spread of the virus. Negative test results of our employees in recent days prove it.

We firmly hope that through a responsible approach, we can manage this difficult period and return to our daily lives. Therefore, please respect the most precious thing we have – our own health and everyone around us.