20 years of experience, opportunities, the desire to keep up to date and the enthusiasm of young specialists inspired us to create our own line of elegant plywood products. Despite all the difficulties that 2020 brought, we gave life and a green (more precisely, branded light green) light to the new project – OrliPly Art.

OrliPly Art is an online store with a production facility in the Czech Republic and an office in England.

OrliPly Art is a team united by a passion for plywood and product design.

OrliPly Art takes care of the product at every stage, from the designing and manufacturing through to delivery direct to your door.

We bring together the delight of working with a natural material, modern technology and design to produce quality plywood products that can bring you enjoyment and happiness for many years.

For home – accessories for organising the space and storing items, decor, dishes, interior puzzles, toppers, candle holders.

For the family – toys, height chart, photo frames, functional furniture, play sets and construction kits.

For the office – maps of the world and individual countries, organizers.

For business – business cards, key rings, souvenirs, stands, gift wrapping and other corporate products with any symbols, logo or other information applied.

In addition to the products presented in the catalogue, we can bring any of your ideas to life – just check “Individual order” service on our web site. Write to us and we will offer options and approximate price for the order.

Plywood is our passion, and we are aiming to make you feel it, using the products of OrliPly Art.